Installation, consultation and planning

Consultation and planning

We have an extensive network of sales consultants throughout Europe so we can provide fast and competent advice! Together, we develop the best and most economical solutions for your warehouse. Whether you are planning a new building or a conversion or need to adapt to a changed material flow, benefit from the expertise of our trained and experienced consultants. 

Before starting work, we will ask you some questions:

Benefit from over 40 years of experience with advanced storage technology. Contact our team now, and together we will design your new warehouse! 


Installation is an integral part of our service portfolio for racking and storage technology and is performed by our installation teams. Our installation technicians as well as subcontractors certified and authorised by us provide a professional service; receive continuous training; are familiar with our materials and product types; know all the right techniques; and have access to specialised tools for fast installation. These skills ensure a quick and flawless installation every time, which cannot be achieved in a cost-effective manner if using your own personnel.

Smaller racking systems can be installed safely and quickly by the customer, thanks to their modular design. However, we recommend you rely on our installation teams for larger racking systems. If the installation is performed by ELVEDI, customers receive a warranty for the entire service.

Our team of installation experts specialises in the installation, conversion, extension and modification of racks and other warehouse equipment. With access to specialised tools, safety gear and equipment for unexpected issues, they ensure a flawless, cost-effective installation. We also offer the hiring of cranes, elevated work platforms, telescopic handlers and installation forklifts, if these are not available on site. We will quote a fixed price and assume liability for the proper installation of our solutions. Our service also includes the removal of all packaging materials and the handover of the installation location swept clean.

In addition to installation, consultation and planning, we also offer rack inspections. Keep your warehouse safe and contact us today