COVID-19: Easing of prevention measures 29.06.2020 20:32

The easing of the various corona prevention measures has begun throughout Europe in order to slowly revive public life and gradually return to normality. Nevertheless, certain restrictions will continue to accompany us for some time to come. Today we would like to inform you about the current status at ELVEDI:

Furthermore we are taking care that the prevailing hygiene and distancing guidelines for the protection of all employees are observed.
Our production is still running smoothly. All customer orders can be produced and delivered punctually and in full. We are working closely and actively with our suppliers and contractors. All agreements and processes that have been established are functioning very well.   

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Covid-19: Information for Costumer 18.03.2020 15:39    

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Lagern leicht gemacht 30. Juni 2016, 15:39

Oft ist das Lager einfach ein notwendiges Übel, um Produkte, Rohstoffe, Ersatzteile und dergleichen zwischen zulagern, bis man sie braucht. Natürlich benötigt man dazu nicht nur Platz, die Lagerhaltung erfordert auch Zeit und Geld. Finden Sie hier einige Tipps, wie Sie Kostenfaktoren reduzieren und die Effizienz in Ihrem Lager steigern können.   

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