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Building materials come in all shapes and sizes. To create enough space for all the different items, a building materials store must be created. But what does a suitable storage system look like? ELVEDI will show you! 

Typically, the diversity of building materials is proportional to the size of the building project. Metal, timber, concrete, bricks and tiles, PVC, plastic pipes and many more products come in different sizes and with different requirements which must be handled by the building supplies warehouse. Quite often, the products are simply stored outdoors in the yard where they are exposed to the elements. Not only is this kind of impromptu storage messy, it can also leave the products damaged. And without the necessary order, goods cannot be accessed quickly when needed. Moisture, dust and dirt degrade the quality of certain goods and can quickly make them less valuable. 

ELVEDI offers custom solutions that are perfectly tailored to each specific application. We create a flexible storage layout that provides enough room and order for the relevant building materials. Our robust rack systems can store even the heaviest materials without problem. Their excellent safety standards ensure smooth warehouse operations.

Weatherproof rack for convenient outdoor storage of building materials

For the storage of building materials such as timber or gypsum, good ventilation and controlled temperatures are very important. This is true in particular if they are stored outdoors due to a lack of space, and the delicate materials must be protected from the weather. Instead of storing the goods on pallets in the yard, it makes sense to consider a weatherproof rack. The main component of this ELVEDI weather protection solution is a splash-proof tarpaulin that opens and closes electrically. It comes with a remote control unit so it can be conveniently operated by the forklift driver. Thanks to a special substructure below the tarpaulin, the weather shield can withstand the wind forces even at maximum rack lengths. 

Saving space when storing stripwood, profiles and chipboard

The ELVEDI vertical storage rack achieves the optimal utilisation of the available floor space in your warehouse for the efficient storage of long, bulky building materials. The special vertical storage racks type VLS (vertical strip rack) and type VLP (vertical plate rack) represent ELVEDI’s special solutions for the easy storage of stripwood, plates and boards. Both vertical racks are suitable not just for the building supplies trade but for many different applications and industries. 

Video of a realised project

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