Food storage requires careful planning and specific properties in order to guarantee the safety and quality of the stored food items. At ELVEDI, we are familiar with all factors and considerations that are important for the planning of a food warehouse. 

In Germany, there are currently 700 legal provisions that apply to the storage of food items. In addition to laws and regulations passed by the German federal and state governments, there are also laws and regulations of the European Union that make up the body of food law. 

There are different factors that determine the proper storage of food items. These are divided into different categories:

The system for success:
why the right rack design makes the difference in food storage

This is the basis for the special requirements in the food industry with regard to warehouse and rack design. 


Food items frequently require specific storage temperatures in order to maintain freshness and quality. An efficient cooling system is essential for guaranteeing the required temperatures and thus ensuring or extending shelf life. 


Humidity plays a crucial role in food storage. Some food items require dry conditions while others need a degree of humidity. A balanced system is important in order to prevent problems with moisture and mould. 


Cleanliness and hygiene have top priority. Regular cleanliness protocols should be introduced in order to prevent contamination, bacteria and pests. This serves not just to protect the food items themselves but also the health of the consumers.

This is the basis for the special requirements with regard to warehouse and rack design. 

Rack design

Racks should be designed such that they allow the efficient storage and handling of the food items. They should be easy to clean and without any sharp edges or cracks where dirt and germs can accumulate. In addition, the material must be able to withstand extreme conditions such as freezing temperatures and high humidity. This applies both to the racks themselves and to the (food-grade) containers in which the products are kept or stored. 


Good lighting is important to provide a clear view of the stored food items. At the same time, the lights must not emit an excessive amount of heat, as this could interfere with the storage temperatures. 

Optimised use of the storage area

The efficient use of the available space is crucial. The warehouse design should allow the smart use of the available space in order to keep storage costs low and to make the products easy to access. 

Security and safety

In order to prevent theft, vandalism and unauthorised access, a reliable security system with surveillance cameras and alarm systems is important. To prevent accidents, warehouses must have non-slip floors that are easy to clean. 

Applications for the food industry

Pallet rack for the storage of animal feed

palettenregale für tierfutter

Efficient warehouses ensure food quality

A well-organised logistics process that enables the fast storage and retrieval of the food items is extremely important for ensuring product freshness, which has top priority. It can be achieved by a perfectly designed storage system. Other aspects, such as the conveyor and transport equipment used at your company, also play a role here. There is a lot of think about. ELVEDI will be happy to help you keep everything under control! Contact us! 

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