Chemical, paper and plastics

Efficient storage, quick access and the necessary safety are important aspects that we always take into account when building our rack systems. Moreover, many industries have specific requirements for our solutions. This includes primarily industries that produce or store chemical, paper or plastic products. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with these industry-specific requirements, and we tailor our storage systems to our customers’ specific needs. 

Even though chemicals, paper goods and plastics differ in their storage requirements, all these products share some important considerations: they must be protected from environmental influences such as moisture, light and fluctuating temperatures. Industry-specific training for personnel, teaching them how to handle the rack systems and the stored products, is also very important for safety. At the same time, the rack systems must comply with the applicable local regulations and safety standards. This is indispensable for preventing work accidents and injuries. 

Chemical products

Chemicals can include hazardous substances that require special precautions for storage and that are sometimes stored in fragile containers. The rack systems used in such scenarios must be especially robust in order to safely carry the weight of the chemicals. The consequences of an accident could be worse than just the loss of the goods – the health and safety of personnel could also be at risk. In addition, there are many different types of chemicals that have different storage requirements. For this reason, the storage solution must also include the flexibility needed to handle different sizes and types of containers. On top of that, the clearly visible labelling of the products must be possible. This ensures that the desired chemical can be quickly identified, preventing mix-ups that could result in a serious safety risk. Good ventilation is also important in order to prevent the spreading of vapours and to maintain safety at work. 

Paper products

Paper products are often very delicate and sensitive. Moisture in particular represents a risk because it affects the consistency of the paper: it becomes wavy and warped, making it useless. However, if the air is too dry, this can also cause problems as the paper becomes electrostatically charged, which can interfere with printing processes, for example. Any uneven balancing of weight, meanwhile, can bend and kink the paper products, causing lasting damage. In other words, a suitable storage system is able to protect these products from environmental influences and pressure. 

Plastic products

Plastic products come in a wide range of types, shapes and sizes. For this reason, they need flexible rack systems, such as pallet or cantilever racks. The rack design must ensure the structural integrity of the plastic products and prevent damage from deformation or pressure. Certain types of plastic are susceptible to temperature fluctuations or dirt. For this reason, adequate ventilation and climate control in the warehouse are important. 

ELVEDI rack systems: safe and sophisticated high quality

In order to meet these special requirements in terms of health and safety as well as efficiency, ELVEDI relies on certified quality and qualified personnel. Our rack systems meet the highest standards and can be flexibly adjusted after their original installation. You are interested in our products? Talk to one of our points of contact today. 

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