Metal and steel

Rack systems for industries dealing with metal and steel products must frequently meet certain requirements in order to allow the storage and handling of these heavy and often bulky materials. With many years of experience in racking systems, ELVEDI is the expert who understands the challenges in the metal industry and offers solutions that fit. 

Challenges in the metal and steel industry

Load capacity and stability:

Many metal and steel products are very heavy. This means that rack systems must be robust and strong so that they do not collapse under the weight. A suitable storage system such as a cantilever or pallet rack does more than just protect the products – it also protects the workers. 


Because metal and steel products come in different shapes and sizes, racking systems must be adaptable so that they can meet varying storage requirements. This can include the option of adjusting rack heights or widths or adding a variety of rack accessories in order to optimise storage. 

Protection from damage:

Metal and steel products can be susceptible to scratches, dents and other types of damage. For this reason, racking systems should include mechanisms or padding to protect the products during storage and retrieval. 


Worker safety is a top priority. The design of the racking system must prevent accidents such as entrapment of limbs or racks toppling over. This may require the installation of safety devices such as anchors, guardrails or fall prevention devices. 

Optimal use of space:

The space in stores and warehouses can be limited, in particular when trading in metal and steel products. For this reason, rack systems must be designed for the optimal utilisation of the available space. 

Depending on the location, the rack systems and the products may need to be resistant to corrosion, moisture and extreme temperatures. This can be achieved through hot-dip galvanisation of the racks and special solutions such as protective tarpaulins. 

ELVEDI racks: Robust, safe and space-saving

The challenges for rack systems in the metal and steel industry can vary among the specific fields and for specific processes and applications. This includes for example the handling of raw materials such as steel plate or rods, the storage of semi-finished or finished products as well as organising tools and accessories. 

ELVEDI offers rack systems that take these specific requirements into account and allow the efficient and safe handling of the materials. The materials we use meet the highest standards of quality. The modular design of our racks makes them highly adaptable to all specific storage requirements. You save storage space as well as money.

The safety of your racking system is important to us: when handling heavy metal and steel products, accidents can be catastrophic. For the protection of workers and goods, we recommend that our certified and trained technicians perform the installation, in particular of large-scale racking systems.

Whether you are interested in a robust cantilever rack or a pallet rack – talk to one of our points of contact today to learn more and discuss your individual requirements.

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