Not all storage racks are the same. Not all wood is the same. Just as wood is a diverse and versatile material, so are the requirements for storage and the corresponding storage rack. 

Whether you are storing chipboard, planed timber or sawn timber – ELVEDI is the expert for your rack and storage design. We offer the right system for each specific use case in the timber-processing industry.

The storage rack must satisfy all requirements of the timber industry, timber yards and timber wholesalers. The following considerations are important: store long boards in narrow-aisle warehouses in a space-saving manner; keep excess stock in outdoor storage; and protect the delicate material during storage to prevent damage. For the secure storage even of solid wood, the racks must be designed with the appropriate capacity for the loads.

ELVEDI cantilever or pallet racks

Carpenters and other woodworking businesses benefit from relying on cantilever or pallet racks, depending on the type of goods. ELVEDI cantilever racks stand out for their high load capacity and great flexibility, making them optimally suited to the storage of long goods, wooden boards and strips, and chipboard. The pallet rack is just as versatile. It is not only suitable for the storage of parquet, it can also be used as mezzanine floor for storing doors. In addition, both storage systems are easy to expand after their initial installation.

Storing timber outdoors in ELVEDI weatherproof racks

In order to protect the qualities of the timber during storage, timber storage buildings must meet several essential requirements. Freshly cut or sawn wood is damp and should ideally be stored in a rack with a roof and walls. Dry wood for construction, furniture, wooden worktops or wooden flooring should ideally be stored indoors. 

But it is possible to store wood products outdoors efficiently and gently while protecting them from the weather. And it is not necessary to resort to improvised tarpaulin coverings that do not provide complete protection from wind, weather and UV radiation.

Sturdy and weatherproof: galvanised ELVEDI outdoor racks allow for the weatherproof outdoor storage even of very bulky or long wood products, creating more space in the indoor warehouse. By using the right systems, companies in the timber industry can easily expand their storage capacities and save time, money and capacities.

Efficient optimisation of storage concepts in the timber industry

“Especially within the timber industry, companies would do well to examine their existing storage areas and racks in order to expand their capacities. By using the right systems, unused space can easily be converted into storage space.” 
Edwin Müller-Rauschenbach, ELVEDI Sales Director

Mobile racks, the marvel of dynamic space utilisation

Mobile racks represent a space-saving solution for the timber industry. One narrow aisle is open while the remaining aisles are pushed together to form a block. 

The timber industry needs storage and racking solutions that do more than just support more efficient workflows – they also need to protect the delicate goods from nicks and dents.

Mobile racks, for example, are a simple solution that is both space-saving and very sturdy. The big advantage of this system is that only the one required aisle needs to be opened by pushing all other mobile bases together into one block. This increases storage capacity by almost up to 100 percent

Applications for the wood industry:

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