Multi-position systems standard pallet racking

Multi-position system

Usually 2, 3 or 4 pallets (or mesh boxes, steel boxes, etc.) are loaded per bay on an IPG beam.

The system provides direct access to each pallet and is standard in forklift and AS/RS warehouses. Space is used in an optimal way with proportionately little frame, especially lengthwise (X direction).

Planning example

For a three-bay system with rail-guided high-rack forklifts for Euro flat wood pallets (1200 mm) and deep storage.

Multi-position systems with pallet station
Pallet racking with entry guide and pallet station
Multi-position systems with picking zone
Pallet racking with picking zone
Multi-position systems for building materials
Standard heavy-duty pallet racking for building materials
Multi-position systems as standard pallet racking
Heavy-duty pallet racking
Multi-position systems with different shelf heights
Pallet racking with different shelf heights for different stored goods
Multi-position systems for shipping warehouses
Standard pallet racking for shipping warehouses
Multi-position systems for storing cable drums
Pallet racking for storing cable drums
Multi-position systems with passageway for forklifts
Pallet racking with passageways for forklift traffic
Multi-position systems for storing drums
Standard pallet racking for storing drums
Multi-position systems as pallet racking
Heavy-duty pallet racking with corner guard