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Multi-position systems as standard pallet racking
Rack frame sendzimir galvanised, standard colour crossbar light-grey
RAL 7035

Pallet racking with grating for indoor storage

System features of pallet racking type PAOM

Corner guard for rack safety
Corner guard for rack safety
Standard pallet racking with backstop
Push-through protections for single and double rows of shelves

  • Statistically optimised and stable profiles.
  • Sendzimir galvanised frame constructions
  • Shelf loads (per shelf) of up to 4250 kg.
  • Pallet carriers can be adjusted in increments of 50 mm.
  • Properly dimensioned accessories like, for example, corner guards and racking end protectors.
  • The surface technology with a cathodic dip painting system (CDP) coats all painted components.
Following a comprehensive pre- and post-treatment (degreasing, cleaning, activating, zinc phosphating, dip coating and burning in), the racks are protected against corrosion with a light-grey coating (RAL 7035).

Pallet racking basic module

Plattenregal Grundfeld

Pallet racking extension module

Plattenregal Anbaufeld

Pallet racking frame

Rack frame unscrewed, incl. base. Frame load-bearing capacity of 8800 to 17220 kg.

1100 mm

High Load per shelf* Typ
3600 mm 12 300 kg 20 M
4100 mm 12 300 kg 20 M
4600 mm 15 000 kg 21 M
5600 mm 15 000 kg 21 M
6100 mm 15 000 kg 21 M
6100 mm 17 200 kg 25 M
* Frame load-bearing capacity for 1st crossbar from floor of 1200 mm (O.K.), valid from 3 shelves (1 x basic module + 1 x extension module).

Pallet racking crossbars

length Load per shelf Typ
1800 mm 4570 kg 120 B
1850 mm 4500 kg 120 B
2700 mm 3180 kg 120 B
2700 mm 3600 kg 120 C
3600 mm 4250 kg 150 E