Weight kg
Height (H) mm
Width (B) mm
Length (L) mm
Indoor installation
Outdoor installation
Shelve (s) piece
Height (RRH) mm
Number of superposed pallet carriers Piece
Height of the first storage layer (HEL) mm
1800 mm
2700 mm
3000 mm
3600 mm
Other pallet carrier length (LDP) mm
Number of adjacent pallet carriers Piece
Per pair of pallet carriers kg
per rack frame kg
Skid channel for mesh boxes (item 1)

Pallet support for longitudinal storage (item 2)

Push-through protection (item 3)

Chipboard decking (item 4)

Grating (item 5)

Spacer for double-sided rack (item 6)

Collision guard (item 7)

Narrow aisle warehouse


Outdoor area with the roof

Outdoor area without roof


shelf frame RAL
pallet carrier RAL
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