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Wooden storage in the outdoor area

ELVEDI ensures dry and safe storage

Even if wood is a natural product - so that the material is ready for sale in good quality, it must be protected during storage outdoors. Holz-Kretz Großhandel GmbH from Dillenburg uses a cantilever rack with roof construction and drainage from ELVEDI.

ELVEDI sorgt für trockene und sichere Lagerung
"Wood places high demands on storage. Firstly, it should be material-protective, and secondly, protection against the elements must be protected in the open air ", explains Edwin Müller, Head of Sales at ELVEDI. Both criteria also had to be implemented for Holz-Kretz Großhandel GmbH. With the aim of making the outdoor area available for stockpiling, the wholesaler decided for a double-sided cantilever rack with roof construction by ELVEDI. The HRZ shelving system is 28 meters long and 6.3 meters high. The trays have a useful depth of 1,200 millimeters and carry a weight of 920 kilograms each. The extragrove V-roof with a roof overhang of one meter per side provides protection from the effects of the weather. Drainage of the roof surface takes place in the middle, with corresponding downpipes to the sewer. "ELVEDI has created an urgently needed additional storage capacity for us. In particular, slats, frames, cantiles and boards can now be found in the outdoor area, "emphasizes Eberhard Kretz, Managing Director of Holz-Kretz Großhandel GmbH.

About Holz-Kretz Großhandel GmbH Holz-Kretz Wholesale GmbH offers a wide range of foliage and needle knotted timber as well as exotics, window and doorway skirts, planed goods, boards and doors.

Freiträgerregale / Kragarmregale mit Dachkonstruktion zur trockenen Lagerung von Holz

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