Sheet plate rack VLT

The sheet plate rack ensures safe and convenient handling of boards of different sizes. The ideal solution for your workflow and for storing large-format sheet plates such as steel sheets, plastic sheets and chipboards.

System features of vertical sheet plate rack VLT

Easy handling and low space requirements for the shelf (under 1 square meter). Suitable for stored goods up to 10 tons (total). Quick access to the boards. The orderly storage of the goods helps you save time and money. The system is delivered fully assembled, i.e. no assembly required.

Sheet plate rack with inserted divider
Detailed view of an inserted divider in the sheet plate rack
Sheet plate rack with ball bearing metal roller
Sheet plate rack with detailed view of the ball bearing metal roller for unloading goods
Sheet plate rack type VLT for sheet plate storage
Vertical sheet plate rack for convenient handling of boards
Sheet plate rack type VLT with dividers and metal rollers
Vertical sheet plate rack with dividers and metal rollers for unloading different board sizes