Shelving racks

A shelving system is suitable to store goods of any kind and any quantity. This system consists of very universal shelf types. The advantage of a shelving rack as plug system is obvious: no expensive and complex installation required - instead the shelves are installed quickly and easily without the hassle of screws.

System features of shelving racks

The shelving rack consists of three basic elements:
  • stable, eightfold edged frame profile, 35 mm wide
  • through-running two-hook shelf support in various widths
  • shelf composed of 100, 200, 300 and 400 mm wide panels, edged on all sides
The load capacity of the shelf frame depends on the height of the compartments. Several, evenly distributed compartments greatly increase stability. The shelf height can easily be adjusted to the stored goods in increments of 25 mm. Subsequent changes or reinforcement to the shelves is possible at any time.
The depth can be varied by replacing the shelf supports using the existing panels. The pluggable design guarantees short assembly times. An extensive range of accessories is available for the ELVEDI RX 25 shelving system to provide flexible solutions through to the construction of multi-storey installations.
Mezzanine construction with shelving racks
Basic mezzanine construction with shelving racks
Shelving racks as mobile storage system for archives
Shelving racks with hand crank as mobile storage system
Shelving system with dividers
Shelving rack compartments with dividers
Small parts storage with shelving racks
Shelving racks for bulk material and small parts storage
Multi-storey shelving system
Two-storey shelving system
Shelving racks with steel shelves
Shelving racks with shelf supports and steel shelves
Shelving racks with compartment dividers
Shelving racks with different compartment dividers for bulk material and box storage
Shelving racks for small parts storage
Shelving racks for small parts storage
Guide rail of a mobile storage system
Shelving racks with hand crank and detailed view of a guide rail
Shelving rack mezzanine
Shelving rack as mezzanine construction
Shelving racks with mezzanine
Shelving racks with mezzanine substructure
Shelving rack with pallet racking
Shelving rack integrated in the pallet racking
Multi-storey platform made of shelving racks
Picking aisles of a multi-storey shelving system
Rows of shelving racks
Single-sided shelving rack system
Filing cabinets
Mobile shelving racks for document storage
Shelving racks
Shelving rack as basic module
Shelving racks as mezzanine
Picking aisle under mezzanine construction