Cantilever racking

Cantilever racks are the most suitable system for storing long goods such as rods, pipes or boards. They are used in many different industries and thanks to their modular design, they are among the most popular racking systems in our portfolio. 

A cantilever rack consists of a rack upright (single-faced or double-faced) with a bolt-on foot including a robust front plate, cantilever arms and cross-bracing for lateral reinforcement, which is attached in each racking bay between the uprights. The goods rest on the beams, where they can be placed manually or by an automated system. Depending on the type of stored goods, the individual arms carry a significant amount of weight, which must be taken into account when designing this type of rack. For this reason, ELVEDI’s own patented system securely connects the cantilever arms to the rack uprights with locking pins. 

Special features of ELVEDI cantilever racks

The design of ELVEDI cantilever racks allows for single-face or double-face use. The rack uprights have special hole patterns with 76 mm spacing on both sides, ensuring the quick attachment and re-adjustment of the cantilever arms. The patented screw-type connection allows very fast assembly. Thanks to ELVEDI’s modular design, the rack system is flexible and expansions and additions can be easily realised. In addition, the systems can also be implemented as mobile racks

Type HRZ comes with greater adaptability. Depending on the warehouse, the specific rack dimensions and the number of levels, it can carry several tonnes of load. The special locking pin system and the strong material (special steel) counteract the tensile and compressive forces that occur. In addition, the conical shape of ELVEDI’s rack uprights and cantilever arms solves a particular challenge presented by conventional hot-rolled cantilever racks. Not only does this shape provide good visibility at height for the rack operator, it also has another benefit: if the forklift operator loads a regular rack system to its maximum load on just one face, the steel will bend and reduce the aisle width. This can cause the forklift prongs to become entangled in the protruding cantilever arms, causing damage to the top shelves or the goods. The conical ‘Christmas tree’ shape prevents this so that the aisle width remains unchanged at height even if steel deformation occurs due to an uneven load distribution.

Our smaller models, ELVEDI type SL and type SM, are available in fixed dimensions with usable depths of 500 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm. They allow for the storage of weights between 1000 kg and 1500 kg per side. 

Cantilever racking type SL, SM

The cantilever rack type SC, on the other hand, can be individually combined. The basic module is available in single-sided or double-sided versions with lengths of 1,050 mm or 1,300 mm and usable depths of 400 mm or 600 mm. Additional add-on modules with the same dimensions can be added on request. The special feature: with additional accessories, the type SC can be converted into a hybrid cantilever rack including shelves or vertical storage options, among other options. You can find examples of these applications in the following series of images. 

Cantilever racking type SC

ELVEDI cantilever racks are robust and durable. We make sure to use top quality steel in manufacturing, and we prove this to our customers with a certificate of origin. This means that our racking systems can handle maximum loads ever after decades. At the same time, we use high-quality powder coating without any lead or cadmium additives. Cantilever racks for outdoor use are hot-dip galvanised for a long service life. We also build unheated warehouses for our customers, in which our racks serve as supports for the building roof.

Cantilever racking for outdoor use

Cantilever racking as a cold store

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