Rack-clad buildings

New warehouse buildings create greater storage capacities. This makes them a significant factor of success in the manufacturing sector. However, erecting new buildings is typically very costly and often takes longer than initially expected. By contrast, the ELVEDI solution allows you to set up your new logistics building quickly and at low cost. The trick is that we use racks that also support the roofs and walls. Depending on the intended use and requirements, rack-clad buildings can be designed as open or closed structures. 


Closed buildings are completely enclosed with panels and equipped with doors or roller shutters. The roof and walls of a rack-clad building can be designed in many different ways. For example, the roof may use trapezoidal plates with or without light-admitting panels. The substructure can be designed as single-pitched or double-pitched roof, as desired. For wall cladding, either trapezoidal plates or sheet piling are used. 

ELVEDI manages the entire project from consultation and planning to the assembly and construction of the building. In this manner, you receive the necessary extension of your storage or production building and you can use this extra space for optimal goods storage. The design options are practically limitless.

All-in-one-logistics: building projects with ELVEDI

We all know how it goes: in a construction project, a different company is involved at each step – foundation construction, shell construction, electrical installations, roofing or warehouse rack installation. With us, it’s different: our buildings come from a single source. Customers only need to obtain a building permit and place their order with us. ELVEDI then measures the basis for the surface area that will be constructed by the customer. After that, the entire construction of the building is completed within at most 12 weeks. You would like greater flexibility? Our knowledgeable experts will be happy to answer all your questions and to plan your building according to your specific requirements. Take advantage of our 40 years of experience. 

This approach is based on the high quality of our rack systems: with the appropriate design, the weight of the roof is supported by the sturdy rack uprights and/or the racks. This eliminates any costs for a load-bearing substructure, and the building supports serve simultaneously as rack uprights. At the same time, the cantilever or pallet racks in the structure can be operated from one or both sides in the usual manner. This means that even the exterior wall of the building becomes a convenient single-face storage space without any extra cost for additional racks. ELVEDI rack-clad buildings thus provide significant cost savings and greater utility compared to regular buildings. 

Expert advice: light-admitting panels as zero-electricity alternative

In combination with trapezoidal plates, light-admitting panels can help illuminate the building interior. Depending on the requirements, it may be possible to reduce the number of lamps and save a significant amount of electricity. 

Cantilever rack buildings

The rack uprights of ELVEDI cantilever racks have excellent load capacity and dimensional stability. Depending on the intended use and requirements, the rack-clad buildings will be designed with a single-pitched or double-pitched roof. ELVEDI fits the cantilever rack uprights with purlin supports so that the roof can rest securely on the rack with a steel substructure or wooden roof frame. The rear of the uprights is simultaneously used for attaching the wall cladding. Upon request, the roof covering including the rain gutters can also be supplied and installed. In this way, you receive your complete cantilever rack-clad building from a single source. 

Pallet rack buildings

Similar to cantilever rack-clad buildings, the rack uprights of the pallet racks bear the load of the roof and wall structure. For roofing, the tops of the rack frames are connected to the roof profiles. The geographical conditions such as local snow and wind loads, earthquake zones, etc. are taken into account to ensure optimum anchorage in the ground. 

See for yourself – the following photo gallery shows examples of warehouse buildings based on the ELVEDI concept.

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