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Storage space is limited. Mobile rack systems can help you make the most of your available storage capacity. ELVEDI’s special feature: depending on the loads, we offer two different versions of our mobile racks for different industries and stored goods. 

Like all of ELVEDI’s system solutions, our mobile racks have a modular design and are built and installed following our customers’ individual requirements. This modular design allows for the quick and easy modification of our rack systems. Mobile racks always provide optimal access to your goods, and you can gain or save up to 100% of storage surface area. 

The ELVEDI mobile rack is the compact solution for your warehouse. Depending on the requirements and the stored goods, rack types such as cantilever racks or pallet racks can be used as mobile racks. Cantilever racks are the best option for the compact storage of long goods, whereas the classic pallet rack is suited to storing palletised goods or wire mesh boxes. 

Safe and versatile: up to 100% greater space utilisation

Mobile racks can be used in a broad range of industries. Depending on the load-bearing capacity and quality of the floor, the storage system can also easily be retrofitted in existing buildings. The aluminium industry uses compact mobile racks for the storage of profiles, pipes and other long goods. The timber and building supplies trades, too, can benefit from this attractive solution if space in the warehouse is tight. 

This is how it works: individual rows of racks are installed on torsion-resistant mobile bases up to 60 metres long and with a load capacity of up to 350 tonnes which move on a smooth rail system made from special steel. Using this method, only one aisle is open for operation at a time, while the other rows of racks remain pushed together. This eliminates the need for defined aisles between the racks. In an optimal scenario, a mobile racking system can save almost 100% of surface area.

To ensure safety in the aisles, there are e.g. light barriers mounted at the front and long sides of the racks. These comply with the legal requirements for employee safety equipment. For light loads, warehouse workers can operate the system manually using a hand crank. Alternatively, a convenient electric drive with an optional remote control is available where heavy loads are stored.

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