Pallet racks

Pallet racks and cantilever racks are the all-rounders of the storage system world. They are suited to the secure storage of pallets with light to heavy loads and are therefore used in virtually all industries. In addition to the classic storage of pallets, these racks can also be used to store wire mesh boxes, for example. 

Each rack consists of a rack frame whose individual elements are bolted or welded together. The advantage: excellent strength and stability. The dimensions of the pallet beams are typically based on the standard sizes of euro pallets (1200 x 800 mm). Separate rack shelves can be omitted because the pallets can sit on suspended crossbars. The rack levels have particularly high load capacity. Goods can be loaded and unloaded manually or using automated systems. It is also possible to design pallet racks as high-bay racking systems with up to 10 metres of height. The racking system scales extremely easily, allowing for the optimal utilisation of the available space. This makes it possible to create the maximum amount of storage space on a small surface area. For high-bay racks, the use of suitable ground conveyor vehicles for picking is crucial. It is these specialised turret trucks that make high-bay goods storage possible in the first place. For smaller systems, simpler vehicles can be used for storage and retrieval. 

Dynamic pallet racks with special features are suitable for less common requirements. At ELVEDI, we are familiar with the requirements in the various industries, and we offer a wide range of different rack types:

Multi-storage system

A multi-storage system permits storing two, three or even four pallets, wire mesh boxes or steel boxes per shelf on an IPG beam pair. This racking system provides direct access to each pallet and is standard for AS/RS warehouses and forklift-operated warehouses. Overall, this pallet rack type achieves good space utilisation with relatively little frame, in particular in longitudinal direction. 

Single-storage system

Unlike multi-storage systems, single-storage systems are designed to hold only one pallet, wire mesh box or steel box per pair of front-to-back supports. The advantage: in addition to direct access, this rack type achieves the optimal use of vertical space if the height of the storage units varies, thanks to the custom spacing of each pallet point. 

Drive-in and drive-through rack systems

Drive-in and drive-through rack systems stand out for their excellent space utilisation, which they achieve through the channel-based storage of up to 15 pallets, wire mesh boxes or steel boxes and more per level. 

The only difference: the drive-in system is operated from one side (FILO), and the drive-through system from both sides (FIFO).

Pallet flow racks

Pallet flow racks are among the most compact methods for storage and picking using the FIFO method (first in, first out). The channel structure ensures a high utilisation of the surface area, and uniform pallets achieve the optimal filling of the space. A smooth roller system with built-in brake rollers uses the goods’ own weight to move them to the retrieval position. In addition, the pallet separation unit at the retrieval end ensures safe handling. 

Pallet racks can also be used for LIFO storage (last in, first out) and for automated miniload systems.

Info: LIFO (last in, first out)

The ‘last in, first out’ principle describes a warehouse arrangement in which the goods taken into storage last are the first to be taken out again. This storage method is primarily used when several lots of identical goods are available in large quantities. Typically, containers and goods are stored and retrieved on the same side of the rack. The LIFO method is most useful for products with a fast turnover time where stocks are regularly completely depleted. It prevents the risk of obsolescence and spoilage of goods and products. 

Info: Automated miniload system - AMS

Automated miniload systems provide for the extremely space-saving storage and picking of small parts in containers, trays or cartons. In these systems, complete storage units of small parts are automatically retrieved and transferred to the order picking station using a conveyor line connection. Because of tight tolerances, the specifications for AMS are very stringent and require high-precision manufacturing and assembly. 

Wheel tracks

Wheel tracks are also suitable for FIFO-based order picking. The difference: they are primarily used for cartons or boxes that are suited to rolling conveyors. 

Dynamic flow racks are the most suitable and cost-effective storage solution in particular for the picking of articles with regular turnover (medium-moving goods) and high turnover (fast-moving goods).

Adaptable and space-saving

ELVEDI pallet racks are a modular system that can be expanded for years after original installation. Depending on the requirements and the storage scenario, the pallet racks can also easily be set up as mobile racks or outdoor racks. 

Pallet racks for outdoor use

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