Shelf racks

Shelf racks are excellent solutions for storing goods of all types and quantities. They are truly all-purpose racking systems. ELVEDI will adjust the base module of the rack to suit the specific materials you wish to store. 

It does not matter whether the rack will hold small parts, files or particularly heavy loads. With their great flexibility and easy boltless adaptability, shelf racks are suited to all applications. Dividers in different sizes ensure the secure storage of your materials and help with picking directly from the shelves. Pick-by-light systems are popular add-ons for this racking system: light signals guide the picker directly to the shelf where the goods need to be retrieved. For special picking methods, however, dynamic pallet racks are the most suitable solution. 

The boltless design of the ELVEDI shelf racks is a particular benefit as it eliminates the need for cumbersome fastening and tightening – racks can be set up quickly and easily without any costly installation.

Shelf rack system features

The shelf rack consists of three basic elements: 

The load capacity of the boltless racks depends on the height of the compartments. Multiple evenly distributed compartments greatly increase stability. The sturdy steel structure provides the rack with very high maximum loads per shelf and per bay. 

The compartment heights can easily be adjusted to the stored goods at 25-mm intervals. The addition of levels or reinforcement of the shelf rack is possible at any time after the original installation. Moreover, the existing panels can be used to swap out shelves, thus configuring the depth of the rack.

An extensive range of accessories is available for the ELVEDI racking system to provide flexible solutions including the construction of multi-storey installations, e.g. for file storage. In this scenario, the shelf racks will be upgraded to a bolted design and travel on floor rails. The following photo gallery shows some examples of the many diverse applications of our boltless shelf racks.

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