Mezzanine floors

Is your warehouse struggling with room height? ELVEDI mezzanine floors and multi-storey systems provide a surprisingly simple solution to this challenge. The mezzanine floors are robust and create enormous added value: more space at reduced cost! 

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With ELVEDI mezzanine floors, you can create extra levels and thereby additional storage and work areas without having to remodel your warehouse. A staircase provides personnel with easy access to the new additional capacities on the mezzanine. ELVEDI offers smart solutions based on a sophisticated concept – the most important precondition for the cost-effective construction of mezzanine floors. 

Optimal use of storage area

Benefits of the ELVEDI mezzanine floor: 

Maximum flexibility for storage

Even if you change how you arrange and organise your warehouse, you remain flexible with ELVEDI mezzanine floors. The mezzanine floors can be moved, converted or expanded at any time after their original installation thanks to a bolted design. This bolted design allows in particular for the quick initial installation of the steel floors. The ELVEDI mezzanine floor module can be extended at any time according to your needs. 

Thanks to its adaptability and quick installation and dismantlement, ELVEDI mezzanine floors can even be installed in leased buildings without any problems. Different widths, heights and high load capacities ensure optimal adjustment to the structural requirements and any existing systems. You also benefit from our customer-focused range of services in planning, consultation and installation.

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