Vertical storage racks

In many warehouses and storerooms, there is barely any free surface area – this is true in particular for smaller industrial enterprises or trade businesses. But such companies in particular work a lot with long goods such as boards, plates or stripwood that take up a lot of room. Many businesses waste valuable storage surface because they carelessly line up various rack systems. In particular, they often fail to utilise the space higher up. To achieve the optimal use of the available space, ELVEDI offers various types of vertical storage systems that can store long and flat goods vertically or sideways. 

Vertical storage for a range of applications

Vertical racks (type VLS) are used wherever different types of long goods, particularly strips or tube profiles, need to be stored upright. The robust, anti-tilt design of the rack uprights and crossbars allows different combinations and can handle even high loads. And our modular system provides you with great flexibility so that your stored goods are always neat, protected and easy to access. Depending on the desired application, ELVEDI can supply the racks with a single-faced or double-faced design. 

Type VLS for profiles, pipes, rods, bars and strips

This simple and robust standard structure permits single-faced or double-faced use. Depending on customers’ needs, useful depths of 450 mm and 700 mm are available. The height of the crossbeam can be adjusted at 76-mm intervals on each side. The divider brackets are attached at 50-mm intervals and can be adjusted to the goods being stored. This makes type VLS ideal for the upright storage of long goods such as profiles, pipes, rods, bars and strips. The sophisticated modular system can always be supplemented with additional units. 

Type VLP for chipboard

This version of the vertical rack comes with compartment dividers that are slightly tapered at the top, ensuring full-surface contact of the boards and preventing deformation of the material. Because both compartment dividers are chamfered on both sides, different board formats can be stored inside the compartments. The clear width of each rack compartment is 400 mm. All extension units are standardised. This means you can change the width and the depth of your system at any time. In addition, the top of the board rack can be covered with chipboard, which can then be used as additional storage area with a surface load of up to 300 kg/m2. In addition, the chipboard rack and the smaller vertical sheet rack (type VLT) come with smooth, ball-bearing roller systems for easy sideways storage and retrieval of heavy goods. 

Type VLT and type VLR: compact sheet racks

Smaller vertical rack types include the sheet rack (type VLT) or the sheet rack for remnants (type VLR) that come with ‘D’ dividers for the compact, neat storage of sheets, plates, and remnants. 

Optimally fitted to the requirements, ELVEDI vertical storage systems provide for space-saving, protected storage with easy access to the goods when needed. Are you curious about our solutions? Talk to one of our points of contact or use our enquiry form to obtain a quotation. 

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Shelf height: 2400 mm
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