Racks for outdoor use

Storing goods outdoors is a good option if space is limited inside the warehouse. However, this does not work for all types of goods. Delicate products in particular, as well as the racks themselves, must be protected from UV radiation, rain and other weather events. Improvised structures often serve as initial solutions, but they do not afford adequate or comprehensive protection. ELVEDI offers various racking systems that allow you to store your goods safely even in outdoor areas. 

Hot-dip galvanised pallet racks or cantilever racks represent a low-cost option for outdoor storage. Their coating makes these rack systems impervious to moisture, giving them a long service life. However, the stored goods are exposed to the elements. 

…with roof and walls

For the outdoor storage of delicate products, ELVEDI offers its hot-dip galvanised storage systems with additional cladding. With walls, a roof or both of these combined, this rack type affords protection from wind and rain and still ensures quick and easy access to the goods. 

ELVEDI weatherproof curtain with trapezoidal plates

The ELVEDI weatherproof curtain provides optimal, easy-to-use protection. It consists of a splash-proof tarpaulin with a special substructure that can withstand even strong wind forces even at maximum rack lengths. That makes this solution especially suitable for the storage of long goods with up to twelve metres length – such as pipes or boards made from metal and wood. In addition, the built-in electric motor opens and closes the shutter quickly and safely. And it comes with a remote control unit so it can be conveniently operated by the forklift driver. 

ELVEDI’s weatherproof system is available both with hot-dip galvanised pallet racks and cantilever racks. Like all of ELVEDI’s solutions, this storage system has a modular design and is built following our customers’ individual requirements. The tarpaulin can also be used for exclusive advertisement. This way, you can really make the most of your storage space.

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