mezzanine NG

ELVEDI mezzanines and multi-storey systems can provide an amazing solution to shortage of space. They are extremely robust and create added value: More space at lower costs!

ELVEDI mezzanine NG

High efficiency and  Optimal use of space

With ELVEDI mezzanines, you create extra levels and thereby additional storage and work areas in your warehouse. ELVEDI offers smart solutions based on a sophisticated concept which results in cost-effective mezzanine construction.

Precise stage elements of the storage platforms
Precise stage elements of the storage platforms

mezzanine  Storage platform Transit station - Sluice
Safety through a transfer station

Floor termination and railings element
Lightweight stage with clean floor termination and railings elements for easy assembly (here corner profile)

Maximum flexibility

Even when changes take place in the warehouse organisation, you remain flexible with ELVEDI mezzanines. The mezzanines can be moved, converted or expanded at any time thanks to a screwed system. This makes installation in rented premises also possible. Different widths, heights and high load capacities ensure optimal adjustment to meet any structural requirements. You also benefit from a customer-oriented range of services in planning, consulting and installation.

Stage overview + component drawing - storage stage NG

mezzanine Construction drawing

Burdening: 350 kg/qm 500 kg/qm
Height of top edge of flooring: 2800 mm 3000 mm 3300 mm
Covering chipboard:
38 mm, technical class P5
Raw / raw (standard) raw / white
Stairs with steps made of grating, light width: 800 mm 1000 mm
Cheeks from C210 profiles.
with outlet podium without outlet podium
Transfer station in RAL 9006: Secured with chain
  • Bump protection
  • Construction of shelves on stage
  • Special industry guidelines
  • Use of motorized vehicles (forklifts, ...)
  • Audience traffic
Railings in RAL 9006 and 1100 mm high and bolted to the flooring. The covering is protruding. All open surfaces without railings are without edge protection.
Supports are the legs of the stage. They consist of a hot-dip galvanized round tube with attached head parts and screwed foot plates.
Bolts (Sigma 300) form the frame of the stage with the supports. They are sendzimier galvanized with system perforation.
Plates (C) (Sigma 240) are used to hold the coating. They are sendzimier galvanized without system perforation.

Available design options for the storage platform NG

mezzanine construction possibilities