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Cantilever racking

Racking system and advertising space – all-in-one –

The cantilever racking with weather protection can now be used to store material up to 12 m long, such as construction timber. This system development is the result of an investment in technology. Thanks to a special substructure mounted behind the protective tarpaulin, the weather protection withstands heavy winds - even with maximum length goods.


With a powerful electric motor, it is easy to open and close the splash-proof and breathable protective cover safely. This renders bulky and heavy roller shutters or sliding gates redundant. It also provides a cost-efficient alternative to rapid action doors. The stored goods are secure and protected against any weather. Thanks to the electrically controlled weather protection in combination with the complete enclosure of the racks with trapezoidal sheets as well as a gutter, the cantilever racking is ideal for outdoor use.

Wetterschutzregal offen
Wetterschutzregal geschlossen
The inner values of the system are also impressive: Rack heights up to 6 m and rack lengths for storage goods of up to 12 m can be realised without difficulty. In the standard configuration, the usable depth of the support arms can reach up to 2,000 mm. Other dimensions are of course available upon request. Another additional feature should also be highlighted: It is possible to print logos, slogans or any desired advertising message on the flexible weather protection. In this way, the racking system not only guarantees secure storage of valuable goods but in addition helps send out the matching advertising message.

All-in-one racking system and advertising space.

Our systems are robust and long-lasting. They are made from high-quality materials with a certificate of origin and they last for decades, even under maximum load. Since 1984, Elvedi has been true to this motto, working on modern solutions to adapt to customers’ needs.

Wetterschutzregal mit Werbung
Wetterschutzregale mit Werbefläche

Advantages of the racking system

  • Splash-proof, breathable and weather protective cover
  • Easy to use, safe and rapid opening of the screen with the electric motor
  • No heavy, bulky roller shutters or sliding gates
  • Quick access, perfect use of space
  • Stored goods up to 12,000 mm
  • The perfect appearance – always clean and tidy
  • “Ideal advertising space” with logo printed on the screen material
  • “Own development” - currently unique on the market
Customised solutions upon request Other dimensions upon request.

When the racking system takes on a new appearance – thanks to the Elvedi weather protection screen –

Advertise outdoors with your warehouse! With the new storage concept of Elvedi

Wetterschutzregale mit Werbefläche von ELVEDI

Technical details:
Rack: Screen:
Max. rack height: 6.000 mm Screen material: mesh from woven plastic fabric
Support arm length: 1.000 - 2.000 mm Electric motor: 380V 16A
(Standard) Control: manual control

Logo print: two-coloured
Max. centres: 1.500 mm Accessories:
Max. rack length: 12,000 mm
Wind stabilisation
Centre serving
Bottom weight pipe
Guide rails

Version: hot-dip galvanised
Enclosure: side walls/rear walls/roof
Drainage: gutter
Customised solutions upon request